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About Us

Why we do what we do:  If you're anything like me, you know what it's like to experience sticker shock when it's time to purchase a new pair of durable, comfortable shoes.  Now, imagine that you're a single mother of three and you need shoes.  You know what happens -- you take care of the kids first and make do with what you have.  Next, imagine that you're experiencing homeless - how can you ever afford a good pair of shoes?  You can't.  And, that's what Heart & Sole is all about -- supplying footwear to people experiencing  homeless and people in economically challenged households.

Where it began:  On a mission trip to New York City Relief Bus (an amazing organization that helps those experiencing homeless in NYC), I met Sam.  Sam had an apartment, but the only way he could keep it was to meet all of his other needs with local resources.  That day, Sam needed a pair of shoes.  But, donated men's shoes are very hard to come by and Sam was out of luck.  He was frustrated and anxious, because his budget wouldn't allow for him to purchase shoes without paying dearly in other areas.  I started wondering why there couldn't be annual events where people experiencing homeless and people in economically challenged households could get durable, comfortable shoes.  That was the seed planted by God that became Heart & Sole in August, 2019.

What we do:  We collect new and gently used shoes and boots, and give them to those experiencing homeless and those in economically challenged households at annual events -- fall, winter, and spring.  (Note that as there are other local resources for children to receive shoes and boots, we are currently only serving men and women.)  We work with local organizations that serve these populations to coordinate our giveaways.  We are also a resource for local organizations, to help when a drastic situation arises, and shoes or boots are needed immediately.  Long term, we would like to be available more often, or perhaps even have a storefront that is open weekly. 

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